RPM Challenge 2020

I am taking on the RPM Challenge this year. The gimmick is to record an album in a month. It’s like NaNoWriMo which you might recognize if you are an author or have writer friends. Like NaNo it’s a kick in the pants for creative people to enforce the habit of daily creation to reach a difficult goal.

The conditions for completion (ie: “what do you mean by album?”) is at least 10 songs -or- 30 minutes of music. So it could be one 30 minute song, or ten 3 minute songs. So far I plan on doing 10 songs that will weigh in at about 45 minutes total.

The only concrete rule of RPM that everything must be recorded in the month of February. Bands are encouraged to start from scratch and write, record, produce everything in the month, but a lot (most?) bring bits, pieces, samples, and drafts to the table.

I’m absolutely one of those people! Most of these songs started life as lunchtime lullabys a few years ago and are finally getting re-recorded and extended into full songs.

Below is my progress. The hope is to move the meters a little bit every day, but I’m kind of a binge worker so we’ll see how it goes. I am considering the progress of each song to span the whole process, not just recording – so a 10% done song probably means most of the instrumentation is worked out but I still need to write lyrics and start actual recording.

Aggressive Budhism
Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things
Level Up
Swallow the Bear
Slog the Wafer
Dome 5
Bottled Egos
Dread Neck Wig
Robot Words
Overall Project

My Musical Wanderings

On my own I tend to write techno / trip-hop / downtempo songs. Sometimes synth pop.

I record as The Art of Falling and you can head there to hear some demos. I once sang and played keys for Ego Daemonium. I may still, but I haven’t heard from them in awhile.

I used to play in alt rock band Ditched by Kate… and speed metal band Hidden Fury.. and punk band Captain Chooch and his Band of Rabid Saber Toothed Crotch Crickets From Hell.. and half of the parody duo Kermit Rotten.. and band-that-never-materialized Squash.

A few years ago I did a song-a-week project. I’m thinking about starting it up again. You can hear those tracks below: