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On my own I tend to write techno / trip-hop / downtempo songs since that’s what I like to listen to most right now.

I currently play bass in a metal band called The Art of Falling. We are recording our first album and prepping for shows in Albuquerque. I sing and play keys for Ego Daemonium which is wrapping up prep to record.

I used to play in alt rock band Ditched by Kate… and speed metal band Hidden Fury.. and punk band Captain Chooch and his Band of Rabid Saber Toothed Crotch Crickets From Hell.. and half of the parody duo Kermit Rotten.. and founding member of the band that never materialized Squash.

A couple years ago I did a song-a-week project. I’m thinking about starting it up again. You can hear those tracks below:

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