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I have been struggling for some time with the question of what Digital Audio Workstation to use for music production and for podcasting. My needs are different then a lot of people and the quality of a DAW is somewhat subjective so this is a hard thing to pin down. The truth is that most of the big names do more or less the same thing, however, their work flow is a bit different as is their compatibility with hardware (controllers, sound cards) and software (operating systems and plug ins). I’ll tack on a little list of these differences at the bottom of the post. I wrote it as response on Google+ to an inquiry on DAW recommendations.

Up until recently I primarily used CuBase and Ardour. CubBase came with my Alesis Firewire mixer. I took to it pretty quick. In the past I have used Pro Tools

Update: I just upgraded my primary workstation to the full KXStudio as a test. Details at the end of the post

I have long been wanting to replace the Windows operating system on our studio machine with Linux, but haven’t for a number of reasons. Recently the machine has been having fits and garbled a very important interview, so it came time to wipe it and start over.

Our home server took a dump, so our regular studio box took its place. Reconstituted server hardware is now in the studio, however it is less than ideal. It was my primary desktop machine about 7 years ago sporting a 1.1 GHz AMD AthlonXP processor and 1 gig of memory (system bus is only like 200 Mhz), so it’s limited in what can be expected from it performance-wise. Someday the studio will get a proper hardware upgrade. It would help if we sold the friggin’ house though.

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