Angry Robot Remix

Things have been a whirlwind around here and I just realized that I never posted my entry to the Angry Robot Remix contest. You see, Angry Robot Books has a theme song composed by John Anealio and they thought it would be great fun to have people remix it. They posted the original song elements […]

The Band Plays On

After almost 20 years of playing with myself, I’ve joined a band. I’ve been twice married, lived in three different states, and had a son since the last time I played music with other people. It’s been a long road to get here, but it feels fantastic (even if a bit terrifying). The band in […]

Zombie Connection

As an early Halloween treat, I’m pleased to bring you The Zombie Connection. Lyrics: Kim Fortuner and Patrick E. McLean Vocals: Kim Fortuner Guitar: Tim Dodge Orchestra and production: Chooch Schubert The song was originally written and recorded at Dragon*Con 2009 in about 30 minutes. Tim and Kim agreed to record clean versions of their […]