Song: Slave To Me

I’m posting my first song on here. It’s called Slave To Me. I guess I’d classify it as Trip Hop with a bit of an industrial bent. I’m very eager to hear what people think of it.

I’ve got a few other songs in this genre that are getting close to completion and hope to make my first fiction post soon as well.

If anybody is interested I’ll post the individual tracks for remixing. As you see the license below, everything is Creative Commons: Attribution, NonCommercial, ShareAlike – so it can be copied freely, remixed, and used elsewhere for free as long as you give me credit (and preferably some link love so I can check your stuff out too).

4 thoughts on “Song: Slave To Me

  1. I feel like I am watching a scary movie, without the movie….like a the beginning or end credits of a zombie movie…creepy! Sounded very different! Cool effects!

  2. Disconcerting, in a way. Perhaps boost the vocal level up a little, as it is a little muddy. Rather than a backing vocal track, I could see some additional instrumentation to run counterpoint to the rhythm of the song? Keep it up dude.

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